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Non-government ID cards for personal and professional use.

We Provide You with Peace of Mind and Security at your Fingertips

Amera-ID strives to serve the community by providing people with trustworthy and reliable forms of identification. We believe that people should be able to move fluidly within their community while feeling safe and confident.

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Personal ID Cards

Our personal ID cards may be presented as a second form of identification along with an original document from your country of birth. However, in many cases, it can be presented as a primary form of identification.

When ordering your personal ID card, there are three different types of card designs to choose from.

* Please note this is NOT a government ID *

We Cover Almost Every State in the U.S.

Amera-ID is based in Connecticut but provides services nationwide. Since one of our goals is to make the world safer, we are committed to comply with the statutes of each state regarding the issuance and sale of identification cards. Therefore, we do not make or sell IDs for applicants who reside in the following states: Oklahoma, Arkansas, Illinois, and Washington.

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