Our personal ID cards may be presented as a second form of identification along with an original document from your country of birth although in many occasions, it can be presented as a primary form of identification.


  • Documentation: original documents are required as proof of the applicant’s name and age.
    Samples of Acceptable documents:

    • Passport
    • Driver’s License
    • Birth Certificate
    • Any form of governmental document of applicant’s country of birth stating applicant’s personal information. (Applicants of the states of Florida and South Carolina must call the office at 203-609-0127 for further instructions.)
  • Photo: 1 color photo passport type of the applicant, or digital on a blank background, facing front, without glasses nor hat.
  • Signature*: The applicant’s signature must be provided. You can take a photo of your signature using a digital camera or a cell phone. (Use black ink for better results on the ID)

* For Minors: If the applicant is a minor, the parent or guardian of a minor applicant must submit in his/her signature to authorize the ID.  (Parent’s/guardian’s signature will not appear on the minor’s ID, only the signature of the minor who is able to sign will be on the ID.)

  • Please review the information provided before sending to avoid subsequent claims and fees.

Attention: Amera-ID Services will NOT process any ID requests if any of the above requirements are missing or if we notice any fraudulent activity) (We will notify you by email and a refund will be made).

Use & Legality

Please keep in mind that this is NOT a government ID, therefore we cannot ensure its acceptance. It is only up to the party requesting the ID to accept it or not.  The ID may be used in many offices such as telephone, gas, electric, hospitals, school, employment office, and your employer, sometimes to cash checks, to travel and to access public buildings during office hours. The ID must not be used to purchase liquor, cigarettes or to go into night clubs.


  • New IDs or Renewals: $70.00

ID Renewals must be processed as new ID-cards, a recent photo and signature is required.

  • Replacement, Corrections or Changes: $40.00 (Call 203-609-0127 for a reprint code)

This cost applies for the re-print of any ID request due to lost, changes or corrections on the ID-card information. (This charge also applies for the incorrect choice of card design.) (No picture is necessary unless changes affect photo.)


Express Mail Cost First Class Mail Cost
The “Priority Mail Express” or Express Mail is a service via USPS and may take up to two days. $30.00 Amera-ID Services will cover the cost for first class mail. $0